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What is the Rocketleague Game 2022 NASCAR Fan Pass
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The 2022 NASCAR Fan Pass was a new type of bundle in Rocket League. It cost 1100 Credits to unlock the first items in the Fan Pass, with more content being added for free in the future.

The Fan Pass includes:

Spring 2022

NASCAR Next Gen Ford Mustang

NASCAR Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro

NASCAR Next Gen Toyota Camry

NASCAR Next Gen Engine Audio for all 3 Next Gen Cars

Next Gen Goodyear Racing Wheels

9 NASCAR Team Decals + Matching Player Banners

Summer 2022

NASCAR Next Gen promotional Decals showcasing either the Ford Mustang, Toyota Camry, or Chevrolet Camaro brand

Fall 2022

NASCAR-inspired Decals for Octane, Fennec, and Dominus

All future Items were added accounts automatically as they are released. The 2022 NASCAR Fan Pass was available from April 20 to April 26, 2022.

For more info, check out: Welcome to the Next Gen of NASCAR.

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